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I have an unlimited supply of RED candies, just ask me for one (but no more than one or else I'll run out!). \(^.^)/

Though it would nice if you leave a link to you post, just so I don't get lost when going trick or treating \(*o*\).

Or if you're interested in trading, you can do that here too.

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Date/Time: 2016-10-15 00:05 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] needles
needles: (kotori minami; love live!) (Default)
Date/Time: 2016-10-15 00:21 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] zekroms
zekroms: (pretty [Touko])
trick or treat!!! my post is over here if you want a blue candy!
Date/Time: 2016-10-15 06:45 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] kureto
kureto: (ᴄʟᴀᴍᴘ | ᴋᴏʙᴀᴛᴏ)
trick or treat!

feel free to drop by here if you'd like some green candy!
Date/Time: 2016-10-15 07:29 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] eonflamewing
eonflamewing: julius visconti | god eater 2 (Default)
Trick or treat!

My post is right here.
Date/Time: 2016-10-16 00:58 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] instrumentality
instrumentality: (Nozaki ₰)
Trick or Treat!

My post~
Date/Time: 2016-10-16 03:06 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] beezebeora
beezebeora: femhaku x malhaku (Default)

(no subject)

Posted by: [personal profile] beezebeora - Date/Time: 2016-10-16 10:04 (UTC) Expand
Date/Time: 2016-10-16 03:45 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] chuuya
chuuya: (Default)
You've already found my post~ <3 So trick or treat!
Date/Time: 2016-10-16 17:26 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] neverbepractical
neverbepractical: (peacock eyes | katanagatari)
trick or treat!!

my post is here! <3
Edited Date/Time: 2016-10-16 17:26 (UTC)
Date/Time: 2016-10-17 23:11 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] kurieta
kurieta: (Default)
Trick or Treat!

My post is here!
Edited Date/Time: 2016-10-17 23:11 (UTC)
Date/Time: 2016-10-17 23:48 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] canute
canute: (Default)
Trick or treat! My post is here~
Date/Time: 2016-10-18 18:58 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] lady_paine
lady_paine: (Default)
Date/Time: 2016-10-19 01:19 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] netbug009
netbug009: (SPOOPY)
Trick or Treat!

Just posted so waiting on my candy, but feel free to comment and I'll hand you some when I have it! ^^
Date/Time: 2016-10-20 08:05 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sujini
sujini: (ichiruki)
trick or treat!
(smell my feet?)
Date/Time: 2016-10-20 21:17 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
ivoryandhorn: An ornate wrought iron gate silhouetted against a cloudy sky. (Default)
Trick or treat~
Date/Time: 2016-10-22 00:33 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] jessu
jessu: (Default)
Date/Time: 2016-10-22 03:21 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] bobanaicha
bobanaicha: (【コードギアス】❝so undeniably yours.❞)
Date/Time: 2016-10-22 09:54 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] zeittari
zeittari: (Default)
Trick or treat! ♥
Date/Time: 2016-10-23 19:20 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] reneetwist
reneetwist: (Default)
Trick or treat

Here's my post!
Date/Time: 2016-10-24 12:06 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] buttmage
buttmage: ([Neko Atsume] Breezy)
Trick or treat!
Date/Time: 2016-10-24 19:48 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] dustybunny
dustybunny: (Default)
Trick or treat!
Date/Time: 2016-11-01 03:17 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] anaraine
anaraine: Princess Elodie, surrounded by poisoned chocolates; her soul is floating up and away from her corpse. ([lltq] death by chocolate)
Trick or treat!
Date/Time: 2016-11-01 05:11 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sinew
sinew: (Default)
trick or treat please! c:
Date/Time: 2016-11-01 22:12 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
tiddly_widdly: (IA)
Trick or treat~!
Date/Time: 2016-11-02 12:02 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] cardsharpe
cardsharpe: (Default)
Trick or treat~~

Please drop by my post as well for some blue candy :D
Date/Time: 2016-11-03 20:52 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] admiral
admiral: gwendolyn → odin sphere (Default)
trick or treat! :D
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