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Grand Prize A | Early Prizes (if possible)

1. Red
Task: Level up once this month OR gain 100 cards

Levels - Rainbow + 3

2. Orange
Task: Answer 10 games this month.

Scramble 38
Shadow Watching 201
Rolling Down the UMN 57
Rei's Friend Report 141
Colorseum 18-1
Pick a Color 114
Graffiti 118
Quilting 85
Link Cable 23
Reading Between the Lines 200

3. Yellow
Task: Master two decks this month!

Cure Twinkle, Mini Dragon

4. Green
Task: Use 4 services this month. These can include Art Shop, Art Studio, Recycled Art, Portfolios, Deck Donations, etc.

Art Shop
Art Studio
Recycled Art [06/06]

5. Blue
Task: Trade with 10 people this month, and turn in one sketchpad.

Ivory and Horn
Art Shop - Sketchpads

6. Purple
Task: Tell Gracia a story. It can be something interesting that you've seen on the internet or otherwise experienced yourself, a fun thing you did last week, something you're looking forward to next month/year - anything goes!

So I've always thought about teaching as a career but for a few reasons, I never really followed through with it. One reason is how nervous I seem to get in front of an audience in high school. Another is what would I teach anyway.. But recently I became aware of TEFL and TESOL which is teaching English to non-native speakers. So I've signed up to take a course at the end of summer! I took Linguistics in college so it should be quite interesting. I'm looking forward to how non-native speakers learn to speak English in foreign countries. Especially since my family is Chinese and most do not speak English well if at all. In my immediate family, only three of us speak English fluently and we were all born and raised in the US. Of course another great benefit in getting a TEFL/TESOL license is that for TEFL, you're teaching English in a foreign country and allows you travel around since the teaching contracts are usually year long. I plan on going to South Korea first since my roommate got me interested in its delicious food and the academy I'll be studying at has a lot of graduates teaching in South Korea.

7. Brown
Task: Give gifts to five people!


8. Gray
Task: Bring 2-3 cards earned this month to form the name of your horse.

Coldblooded Snow Fairy

coldblooded20, snowfairy20

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