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1. Red
Task: Bring three cards that have been obtained this month. The decknames form the name of your Nen technique! Write two sentences on how it works. It can be as silly as you want and does not have to have anything to do with the name at all. You will lose these cards.

four-leaf03, secretshop16, butterfly05

Four-leaf Secret Shop Butterfly
A butterfly with clover-shaped wings. The right wings are storage compartments that can be used to store small items. The left wings are exchange shops which lets the user can exchange nen for different items from guns to food depending on the amount of nen you put in.

2. Orange
Task: Use Art Shop, Art Studio and Recycled Art at least once this month.

Art Shop
Art Studio
Recycled Art [05/02]

3. Yellow
Task: Master two decks this month. These have to be different colors! If one of them is a special deck, it's okay if one of the colors overlaps. If both are special decks, it's okay even if both have the same color combination.

Cure Muse, Cure Diamond

4. Green
Task: Trade with 10 people this month. Include at least two people you've never traded with before or it's been a long time since you last traded [*]. No set amount of time is needed here, if you can't remmeber the last time you traded, it's definitely enough.


5. Blue
Task: Trade or give a card from their collecting deck to two people or trade or give them a crayon in the color of their collecting deck. It's okay to mix these and trade a card to one person and a crayon to another. This can overlap with the green task.


6. Purple
Task: Describe a task you would like to see in a future Pot of Gold round or say which kind of tasks you like the most!

A task I'd like to see in a future Pot of Gold would something like bring cards featuring different emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, nervousness, etc. Then write a sentence or two about the reason for that expression.

7. Brown
Task: Max out deck donations this month. Donations made after the reset will also count, so you need to max either your May donations or June donations for this task.


8. Gray
Task: Level up this month OR gain 100 cards

Levels - Himalayan

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