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Card Post | Logs

1. Red
Task: Take a break from updating your card post for three consecutive days!

March 7-9

2. Orange
Task: Turn in 5 cards that spell out CLUES!

calming04, lawnmower16, , end02, solar20

3. Yellow
Task: Correctly answer 15 games in March.

Colorseum 15-2
Colorseum 15-3
Colorseum 15-4
Colorseum 15-5
Arazlam's Clues 288
Hi-5 Radio 77
Hi-5 Radio 78
Deck Lover 22
Guess the Color 262
Host Club Giveaway 129
Directions 106
Pick a Color 109
Oikwawa's Fan Mail 95
Go Fish 247
Pokeradar 257

4. Green
Task: Use four different services in March.

Recycled Art
Art Studio
Art Shop

5. Blue
Task: Trade with 15 different players.


6. Purple
Task: Turn in 6 cards to fill in the missing blanks, Mad Lib style!

「I saw a grimreaper14 fly straight out of that room the other day, looking very flirty15!! I bet they were going to megamerge06 a saiyan16, but messed up really bad. Try looking for a taller09 paramedic05, I bet you'll find it!」

7. Brown
Task: Master two decks in March.

Thunderbolt, Night Shade

8. Gray
Task: Level up OR earn 100 cards in March.

Levels - Tiger