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1. Red
Task: Answer 15 different games with Naruko and add "I'm not gonna lose!" in five of these comments.

1 Guess the Color 250
2 Oikawa's Fan Mail 85
3 Deck Lover 09
4 Seiyuu Guess 216
5 Arazlam's Clues 275
6 Raie's Friend Report 115
7 Scramble! 14
8 Advent Calendar Day 08
9 Kiss the Cook 26
10 Quilting 72
11 An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 83
12 Pokeradar 247
13 Colorseum 13-1
14 Hi-5 Radio 66
15 Deck Lover 10

2. Orange
Task: Write "Hime! Hime!" (or any other parts of the song) in five different comments.

1 Lindsay
2 Veth
3 Dina
4 Hodex
5 Ivory and Horn

3. Yellow
Task: Fukutomi wants you to show him how strong you are by either gaining 100 cards OR Leveling Up OR Mastering Three decks.

Levels - Ground

4. Green
Task: Help Makishima to get to know more people by trading with 20 players.

1 Nikita
2 Lindsay
3 Veth
4 Dina
5 Hodex
6 Ivory and Horn
7 Jailynn
8 Ari
9 Sammich
10 AL
11 Jun
12 Nova
13 Erin
14 Kira
15 Styx
16 Dialny
17 Chi
18 Eon
19 Jane
20 Liz

5. Blue
Task: Go help Manami feeling alive by bringing him six cards which spell the word "slopes".

smokescreen13, lipservice02, ocean17, pke12, engokuki07, straw06

6. Purple
Task: Toudou wants you to know how awesome he actually is. Bring him three different cards from his deck called yamakami.

7. Brown
Task: Shinkai and Usakichi have something nice to give for you. Take a choice card and tell them why did you choose this exact card.

First I choose this card because I absolutely love Luxray. I have one on my team in game and I love Clemont's Luxray. Also I'm collecting a Pokemon Mass Deck so any cards from there are a great help to me.

8. Gray
Task: Show Arakita that it doesn't hurt to be nice to people by giving 10 gifts to different players.

1 Lindsay
2 Veth
3 Dina
4 Hodex
5 Ivory and Horn
6 AL
7 Jun
8 Nova
9 Erin
10 Kira

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