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Grand Prize B | Early Prizes Please!

1. Red
Task: Trade member cards with someone whose you have yet to obtain. Alternatively, you can also trade at least 2 cards with someone whose level is less than Novice I. This task's completion does not overlap with Task 4. Gifts also do not count, but there's nothing stopping you from giving them gifts on the side. ;)


2. Yellow
Task: This month, use at least three Services of the following four: Record Store, Superstar! Idol Project, Bargain Bin, Rewrite

Record Store
Bargain Bin
Superstar! Idol Project

3. Green
Task: Turn in 3 cards with images that remind you of traveling or scenic views. They must be earned or traded for in October, and you will lose these cards. If you pick one card and write a few sentences about how your and Noel's trip went to that place, you get an extra reward!

boysbesmile10, promise09, rageon08

4. Blue
Task: Participate in at least 5 knowledge-based games and trade with at least 5 different people during the month of October. This task's completion does not overlap with Task 1.

Painting with Beryl 15
Monochrome Melodies 030
Hibiki's Idol Hunt 04
Scratch 035+036
Monochrome Melodies 031


5. Purple
Task: Max out deck donations at the Auditions Service.

Uta no Prince-sama - HORIZON
Uta no Prince-sama - Sanctuary
Uta no Prince-sama - YELL

6. Gray
Task: Donate graphics for 8 music sheets at the Album Art Service.


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