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Grand Prize B

1. Red
Task: Draw your choice card with a twist: Add markings on the choice cards face - or if the card doesn't have a face - draw and emoticon!


2. Orange
Task: Help Anubis find friends by trading with at least 10 different people. In three of the comments, add a version of the word "Kabara"[*].


3. Yellow
Task: Bring four cards from two different decks (for example two cards from the Cross deck and two from the Ore-sama deck). The cards have to be different numbered when from the same deck.

emperor13, emperor16, infant02, infant11

4. Green
Task: Answer to at least ten games & put a bad joke/pun[*] to three of the answer comments.

Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 254
A Challenger Appears 52
Hi-5 Radio 56
Seiyuu Guess 207
Arazlam's Clues 266
Colors Chat 53
Guess the Color 241*
Miss Kamila 84*
Reading Between the Lines 176
Rei's Friend Report 106*

5. Blue
Task: Max out Deck Donations!

Bleach - Tousen Kaname, Kira Izuru, Hinamori Momo

6. Purple
Task: Tell Tsukito about Halloween by writing a fic or drawing a fanart with Colors Universe Characters.

Here's my rather poor attempt at Mikan...

7. Brown
Task: Gift five colors players with either a crayon or a card they need.

mahou09 to Jen
tank12, thavas13, marbirthday19 to Dina
norespect02, norespect06, scorpio02 to Eon
trainride05 to Veth
hebihime08 to Sannin

8. Gray
Task: Gain 100 cards OR Level Up OR Master Three decks

Level - Wind

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