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I'm looking for special slots again this month. But I also want any free slots you have if you aren't collecting anything this month!

1 niflheim02 for dancers11 (Kurosawa Rin from Aikatsu!)
2 sunglasses01 for flowers01 (Otoshira Seira from Aikatsu!) [Illia]
3 sobbing/crying11 for flowers16 (Aerith Gainsborough from FF VII) [Bea]
4 thefool11 for flowers12 (Hibari Kyouya from KHR!) [Akito]
5 thejackal17
6 alabasta12
7 thefalcon08
8 makimaki06
9 stvlas15
10 hazakura03 for namimori06
Sp namimori01
Dn assassins01 (I-Pin from KHR!)

I'm also looking for the following specials:
assassins02 (Sui-Feng from Bleach)
assassins16 (Hei from Darker than Black)
dancer03 (Bellossom from Pokemon)
dancers13 (Mazaki Anzu from Yu-Gi-Oh)
flowers03 (Capricorn from Fairy Tail)
flowers06 (Palmon from Digimon Adventure Tri)
flowers10 (Tsubomi Hanasaki from Heartcatch Precure)

Collecting handsup this time around.

1 hikarinosenritsu01 for handsup02 [Ka-chan]
2 majilove100001 for handsup03 [Cami]
3 flags09 for handsup04 [Nova]
4 handsup05
5 birthdaysong04
6 butterfly07
7 newsong13
8 mrsadisticnight01 for birthdaysong03 [Cami]
Sp cooking15
Pz independence02 for handsup01, birthdaysong01 [Eon]

My trade pile is open for any slots you aren't using as well since I also want to collect newsong, birthdaysong, butterfly.

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