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Grand Prize B | Early Prizes Please!
Choice Cards: burenai07, burenai08, stateoftheworld16

1. Red
Task: Trade 10 times. You can trade several times with the same person, but don't trade 10 times with just one buddy. Share the candy!

Ka-chan [1-3]
Nova [4-8]
Cami [9-10]

3. Yellow
Task: Use three services this month.

Bargain Bin
Record Store
Greatest Hits

4. Green
Task: Participate in 10 games.

Scratch 031
Tipping the Scales 08
Hibiki's Idol Hunt 01
Scratch 032
Scratch 033
Hibiki's Idol Hunt 02
Matsuri Snapshots 05
Painting with Beryl 13
Hibiki's Idol Hunt 03
Painting with Beryl 14

5. Blue
Task: Turn in 5 warm hue cards. They must be earned in September, and you will lose these cards.

therockcityboy15, uchoutenjinsei07, onereason12, hikari07, inanna05

6. Purple
Task: Level up once OR Master one deck.

Level Professional I

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