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Prize: Grand Prize B

1. Red
Task: Make three of your game responses more beautiful by adding sparkles or gifs to the comment
Art Lessons with Minori 229
Continue the Story with Unknown 34
Arazlam's Clues 245

2. Orange
Task: Level up this month OR gain 100 cards
Levels - Hydrangea

3. Yellow
Task: Bring three cards featuring cuddly animals or mascot characters.
These cards HAVE to be obtained in May
You WILL lose these cards

wordplay15, bearcat12, creampuff07

4. Green
Task: Bring cards with decknames that spell out C-U-R-R-Y OR you can bring one card from the Curry deck instead.
Like in previous tasks of this type, you don't have to use first letters of decknames, but the letters have to be somewhere in the deckname for the card to count. Also, one card = one letter.
You WILL lose these cards
These cards HAVE to be obtained in May


5. Blue
Task: Do nothing for three days in a row. To complete this task, you need to have at least three consecutive days in May when you didn't log any prizes or trades.

May 10th - May 12th

6. Purple
Task: Trade with 15 people this month. Put a heart symbol into at least three of your trade comments!
Kaede ♡
Aki ♡
Narwhal ♡
Anna ♡

7. Brown
Task: Master two decks this month

Mastered Strip, Byakko

8. Gray
Task: Give Kinshiro ideas for a new monster of the week by bringing three cards with decknames to make its name and write a short description (2-3 sentences) of it. For example you can bring spirited13, porsche03 and phantom20 and describe Spirited Porsche Phantom, the living car monster.
You WILL lose these cards!
These cards DO NOT have to be obtained in May

Fragile Scarred Grim Reaper, the elderly death god
An elderly death god who has seen better days. He has taken a liking to killing off victims long before their death dates to absorb their life force and extend his own existence. Be especially careful of his death scythe and go for his weak point, his err... I'll leave it up to your imagination...

fragile16, scarred11, grimreaper02

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